I’m a high school science teacher with a Ph.D. in ecology and evolution. I have taught high school science, mostly biology, since 1991. I have also taught various college courses as an adjunct in biology and education. In 2009 I published a book with Physicist Matt Young titled Why Evolution Works (and Creationism Fails) through Rutgers University Press.

I am passionate about teaching in general and about improving my teaching and sharing best practices with others. I am also dedicated to teaching students how science works in our current world of unregulated pseudoscience and rampant science denial.



  1. Paul: great minds think alike. I’ve been a wordPress user for years. Although i’ve let my Personal blog ryanreardon.wordPress.com go fallow as of late, my jcibaPbiology.wordPress.com blog is coming along nicely.

    We may need to collaborate at some Point, esPecially in regards to sharing data. hoPefully you already know Mark Little at Broomfield HS. He’s a good friend and collaborator. Our far west coast rePresentation is Kelcey Burris in Victoria, WA (north Portland).

    I’m gestating ideas for two small books. One will be called, “Hey, man, why we doin’ this?”…a Practical guide to really teaching science. The other book I’m thinking about will be on teaching AP Biology or IB Biology through the focused lens of thermodynamics/bioenergetics. I’ll outline the “Why we doin’ this” book this summer, and continue thinking about the other book. Where did you go to grad school?


    1. Ryan, I like the book idea! It sounds like something that NSTA would publish. I got my Masters in Science Education from the University of Washington in Seattle and did my Doctorate in Ecology and Environmental Science at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.


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